Real Learning in Ohio

Way to go Washinton State Community College!!!!!

A class of Washington State Community College students learned firsthand Wednesday some of the limitations of life in a communist country and heard an account of conditions in a Cuban prison from a man recently released.

Thirteen members of Washington State professor Tanya Wilder’s third-quarter Spanish I class became the first outside the international press corps to interview blind Cuban lawyer Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva, a human rights activist released from prison earlier this month.

The class had difficulty reaching Leiva for nearly an hour, as the call to Cuba was repeatedly blocked by the government. During the interview, beeps on the line as Leiva discussed prisoners and dissidence indicated the call was being recorded.

And kudos also to Tanya Wilder, for being a real teacher and showing her students the reality of the world instead of creating a bunch of tourists and OTS afflicted collegians.

Wilder said Leiva refuses to leave Cuba while his friends remain in prison.

“He’s fearless,” she said. “He is committed to seeing a democratic change on the island of Cuba.”

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