US restrictions do what?

Let’s say a pasta factory has 10 employees. They are able to produce, conservatively, 100 boxes of pasta a day. Each employee gets paid roughly $6 a month. A single box of pasta is sold for $2. Let’s do the math:

10 employees at $6 each a month equals $60.

100 boxes of pasta at $2 each times 30 days equals $6000.

$6000 minus $60 equals $5400.

Now, let’s put the overhead – ingredients, packaging, distribution, etc.. – at 50%.

$5400 times 50% equals $2700.

$2700 profit.

I know it’s a pretty simplistic take on economics and that market values and all that arent fused into the equation. Humor me, there’s a point.

This pasta factory is in Cuba, a socialist country. A country where free education and healthcare gushes from the earth like a geyser. A country that is supposed to provide all for it’s people. So, then, if an average employed Cuban makes $6 a month, how can they be expected to purchase a $2 box of pasta? That’s a third of their income for quite possibly two, maybe three meals.

Because not only does Fidel Castro make a bundle from his pasta factory, but he knows that the Cuban who buys his pasta is getting the money from the Cuban cousin abroad.

Pretty simple isnt it?

HAVANA, May 31 (Mar?a L?pez, Lux Info Press / – Twelve
workers lost their jobs on accusations of theft and pilferage at the Vita Nuova pasta factory in San Jos? de las Lajas, outside of Havana.

The factory makes pasta for the dollar market inside the island.

The drivers of the delivery trucks routinely complain that they have to fight to defend their freight, saying that young men board the moving truck and throw off boxes of the product.

“We keep reporting it, but nothing is ever done,” said driver Ariel V?zquez. “Sometimes, they arrest us on account of the missing merchandise, and after seven or eight days of questioning, they set us free. But nothing is done, and the bands of youths keep working.”

The packages of pasta sell normally in dollar stores for between one and two dollars (25 to 50 pesos), but in the black market they can be had for between 10 and 20 pesos.

Workers at the Vita Nuova earn 150 pesos (six dollars) a month. Security guards at the factory daily detect workers trying to take packages of pasta home.

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  1. Talk about setting people up for failure.

    Question: “…for the dollar market…”
    The ‘dollar’ market is different? The tourist areas, or…?

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