Cultivo una rosa blanca

I could not believe my eyes when I received my Cuba news feed this morning. Yet there it was again. The same pathetic Castro loving dribble posted in another “news site.” This time instead of Counterpunch, Mr. Morris had peddled his ill-informed mantra to Axis of Logic.

I know, as Dean Esmay said, don’t play with idiots Val. And he’s right, the guy is an idiot, but it pisses me off to no end that there are people in this country spewing the Castro dogma as if he were some kind of demigod.

Mr. Morris is in love with the Cuban “experiment.” As if the island were some laboratory and her people a bunch of rats running around with free healthcare that isnt worth a shit and free education where much is taught and very little is allowed to be understood.

Meanwhile, the United States punishes other countries for trading with Cuba, attempts to cut off commerce with Cuba, imposes pro-
capitalist propaganda on Cuba, pressures other countries to stop travel to Cuba, spends tens of millions of dollars to fund anti-Cuban “dissidents” inside Cuba, and prevents U.S. citizens from exercising our constitutional right of free travel

Let’s see, the Japanese, Canadians, French, German, Spanish and others openly and freely practice capitalism on the island, at the expesne of her people no less, and Mr. Morris avers that it is only the Evil US that imposes capitalist propaganda.

Men and women rotting away in jails because of their beliefs and their consciences are reduced to nothing more than the word dissidents in scare quotes. Implying that these people, who have garnered support throughout the world for their plight are nothing more than minions of the Evil Empire of the US.

Of course, Mr. Morris had to throw in the “exercising our constitutional right of free travel” line. Around here we call that Omnipotent Tourist Syndrome. If you, as an American, can travel to an island for a suntan and a sandy beach at the cost of the dignity of another human being, then you have no idea what really being an American is.

Rob stated that such things should not be said to a Miami Cuban. Perhaps he too is right. I am a Miami Cuban, a proud member of the Miami Mafia as Castro calls us. The difference between a Miami Cuban and most others is that we basically live in the thick of it. We get the news from the island first hand and without editorial filters. Mr. Morris on the other hand, calls us terrorists.

Bryan stated in the comments of the post at Dean’s World:

Hey, better that Val should respond than leave the guy to peddle his delusions unaccosted.

I responded Bryan. I respond today. I will respond tomorrow. I will respond every day until the very day my convictions allow me to step foot on the island where I was born. There will be no Fidel Castro then. There will be no prisoners of conscience. I will be there free of hypocrisy and free of hate.

And I will carry a white rose.

I Cultivate a White Rose
By Jose Marti

I cultivate a white rose
In July as in January
For the sincere friend
Who gives me his hand frankly.

And for the cruel person who tears out
the heart with which I live,
I cultivate neither nettles nor thorns:
I cultivate a white rose.

7 thoughts on “Cultivo una rosa blanca”

  1. Email the editors of CounterPunch and Axis and ask them if you can publish an op-ed.

    It’s amazing how much capitalism is actually going on down in Cuba, but not the liberal capitalism practiced in the United States, no. It’s robber baron capitalism. Germans, Canadians and Castro charge market rates to tourists, but pay their employees below most third world’s wages.

    Irony…and tragedy.

  2. Agreed…you are far better at stating the facts than he is fiction and your op-ed will force him to have to truly defend his statements….

    Something he could not possibly do and still look credible.

  3. Furthermore an op-ed may enlighten a wider swarth of the population. This link is to the top 100 newspapers by circulation in the US with editors emails and oped guidelines. Note only about a third are interested in foreign policy topics.

  4. Indeed, Val. Perhaps you could submit something not only to Counterpunch but to some of the conservative sites as well. “The Truth about Castro’s Cuba: It’s Not What Leftist Intellectuals Tell You.”

    I’d certainly read it.

  5. Prieto vs. Castro’s lapdog, part the third

    This has to be my favorite line of the day, from this post: Of course, Mr. Morris had to throw in the “exercising our constitutional right of free travel” line. Around here we call that Omnipotent Tourist Syndrome. If you,…

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