This is a public service announcement:

For all of those Castro-ites, those frequent spewers of the terms “universal healthcare” and “100% literacy rate”:

If it’s the utopia it’s made out to be, why arent there any people actually defecting to Cuba. Why are all the boats and rafts all headed in one direction? Is there a ONE WAY sign out there in the Gulfstream somewhere?

Why is it that no-one wants to stay on the island?

What’s that you say? If Americans could freely travel to Cuba their would be vessels headed the other way?

True. Very true. But then they would come back wouldnt they? And the only thing staying in the island would be the currency these freely traveling Americans would leave behind.

And we all know how much Castro hates the dollar. We all know that capitalism is evil.



  1. That part of the left which defends Castro and others of his ilk suffers from what Carlos Alberto Montaner calls “autism to reality.” Their deep hatred of capitalism blinds them to such an extent that any muderer who professes that same hatred instantly becomes their hero. Notice the leftist passion for Ernesto “Che” Guevara, one of the most violent men of the 20th century. A man who was directly or indirectly responsible for the death of thousands, and who wrote a manual on guerrilla warfare. Many of these leftists are also so-called pacifists who rant about “no blood for oil.” But I guess that in their view – when the cause is sufficiently totalitarian and anti-capitalist – the ends justify the means.

  2. At the last ANSWER rally, that’s what i wanted to yell at the speakers (“then why aren’t they allowed to leave”) as they railed about the Cuban socialist paradise. Unfortunately, there was no Q & A, just moonbats shrieking into a mic …

  3. “And we all know how much Castro hates the dollar. We all know that capitalism is evil.


    HA. I am more of a leftist than anyone else in this blog, but please don’t associate me with these people. They are a different breed altogether.

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