Not today, I have a headache

Woke up with a severe migraine this morning. Considered calling in sick at the office but realized I had 2 roof inspections to do. I am now home and my head feels like it’s about to explode. This is likely he only post for today as I will be taking some major meds in a few minutes.

My migraines are only relieved with complete silence and complete darkness.

See you all tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Not today, I have a headache”

  1. Do you get headaches alot? I do. And after putting up with them all my life I finally went to a nueroligist who completely cured me of them. For minor headaches I just take over the counter medications. But for migraines I take something called “Amerge” and within an hour or hour and half I am fine.

    Migraines are, for most people, treatable so if you haven’t seen a nueroligist please do so. There is no reason just to suffer through them

  2. I had the worst imaginable, for years. I had to be in the dark/quiet with soft breeze (fan) blowing.

    One day, on one of my “you have to do something about this” visits, a young intern suggested it was my blood pressure causing the headaches. I was put on blood pressure medicine and cured overnight. –s

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