22 of 12,000,000

At the risk of being taken from their homes by force, at the risk of being brutally interrogated, at the risk of being encarcerated like their husbands and family members, twenty-two wives, mothers and sisters organized a protest in Cuba this past Father’s Day.

Referred to as the “Ladies in White” these women embody the Cuban spirit, will and determination.


HAVANA, June 23 (www.cubanet.org) – Dressed in white and each carrying a gladiola, 22 wives, mothers and sisters of imprisoned dissidents marked Father’s Day in a park near the Santa Rita de Casia Church in the Miramar section of the capital.

After attending Mass, the women marched nearly a mile to the park, under the gaze of police officers.

Once in the park, Alejandrina Garc?a de la Riva, wife of prisoner of conscience Diosdado Gonz?lez Marrero, read a document denouncing his imprisonment in the Kilo 5 ? prison in Pinar del Rio.

B?rbara Rojo Arias, wife of independent journalist Omar Ruiz Hern?ndez, read a poem from her husband, “No te rindas,” “Never give up,” sent from his cell in the Guantanamo provincial prison.

Twenty-two women out of a nation of 12 million with enough strength conviction to defy the despot. That’s how Cuba will free herself from Fidel Castro, when her own people muster the courage to speak out.

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  1. Woah. They made no attempt to remain anon ymous or anything. Not exactly a case of ‘strength in numbers’, either. Just pure balls.

    Hey Val, i couldn’t post something with the word a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s. weird

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