Sometimes I’ll witness something that shames me for being a human being. That makes me feel the human race is but a plague on the Earth.

This morning as I drove to work on a busy 3 lane street, during rush hour no less, there was a car in front of the car in front of me that did something so unspeakable, so inhumane, I found myself sobbing like a baby. I was so filled with sadness and hate and shame that I had to pull over for a few minutes because I thought I was going to vomit.

The person in the car in front of the car in front of me was travelling at about 40 mph and was tossing kittens out the window.

I almost ran one over. I stopped and tried to save him from the traffic but it was too late. The kitten was freaked and just kept running across the street. He didnt make it.

I tried to chase the guy afterwards but it was too late. He got away in the morning traffic.

I am so disgusted and disillusioned right now.

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  1. Oh my GOD! Val, I’m so sorry you had to witness this. Just reading your post has made me terribly sad. I know this mental image will be with me for a while and I’m in tears as I’m writing. It is beyond me how there can be people walking this earth with no feelings for other living things. I’m sorry, but people like that don’t deserve to live.

  2. I can understand your disillusionment, but in the context of what our society has become, is it a surprise? On some levels, it has become acceptable to do unspeakable things to innocent human life, consequently, it is not surprising that this attitude transcends species. One of a consistant set of behavioral patterns with serial killers is the mutilation and killing of animals. Too bad you didn’t get a license plate number. Sorry, I know how you feel about animals.

  3. HOLY CRAP! I’m so sorry Val. That’s despicable. I’m sure SOMEONE was able to get his tag and report him. He won’t get away with it. There are more good people than bad people in the world and he’ll get his.

    I’m just SHOCKED that this actually happened. How someone could have the heart (or actually, lack of a heart) to do something like this…

  4. And I just read Bill’s comment, and have to agree. I really SHOULDN’T be shocked, what with the way society is going.

  5. Oh my! That is absolutely horrendous. What a truly terrible situation. I am sorry you had to experience it and am sorry there are people like that in this world. I can’t fathom it.

  6. I really hope someone got that scum’s tag number, and we see him on Miami Animal Cops being handcuffed. If we’re lucky he’ll resist and we can also see him being beaten about the head and shoulders with a baton.


  7. That is horrible, but I am glad you tried to do the right thing. If you ever do find him, I will be happy to not come down there and not be anywhere near whatever happens to that creature.

  8. What?! How many kittens?

    Did you get a license plate number? Maybe you can give out a description and make of the car so that someone out there might know who thise jerk is. Where did this happen?

  9. Not to be a jerk, but, you ought to have concentrated on getting this a*****’s plate # ane the description of his vehicle- and then you ought to have called 911 from you cell phone while folloing this heartless jerk. Sorry to sound judgemental – I think , sometimes we let our emotions get in the way fo taking action agains the evil people of this world. I apologise again.

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  11. that is utterly disgusting. my sister adopted a kitten from our vet and she too had been found on the side of the road, thrown out of a car window in a box. she still runs close to the ground as if someone’s going to hurt her and it’s been 8 weeks since she was found. poor little things.

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  14. There was an incident a few years ago in California in which a man reached into a woman’s car after a minor accident, grabbed her dog, and threw it into traffic. The man then drove off.
    No one had gotten an actual license plate # in that incident either, but there was enough of a description of his car that he was eventually caught and convicted.
    One can only hope that this case turns out the same way.

  15. Some people are vile and sadistic enough to be coupled with the SS. This is one of them.

    Bastard! A mere Glock is no match for such Demonic scum. a Spaz 12 is more like it for this situation.

  16. Oh, and I don’t want to stir stuff up, really I don’t – but when we lose our ability to be shocked at moments of cruelty like this (as evidenced by some of the comments) – then we are also guilty of contributing to the general callousness of the society.

    Sorry for the bluntness.

    I hope I NEVER lose my ability to be shocked and pained by acts of random gleeful cruelty like this one.

  17. “The lowest depths of hell are reserved for those who abandon kittens.” –Heinlein–

    I imagine this scumbag has made his reservations in the sub-basement.

  18. People aren’t a plague dude. The guy who did that is evil and sick. That isn’t “normal” behavior for people and you know that very well.


  19. I once saw a guy drop a kitten onto the road during stop-and-go traffic on the freeway. The kitten, which couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old, just stood there looking bewildered. The next car in line pulled up next to the kitten, opened his door, picked it up, and drove off, quite likely saving its life.

  20. Back when I was a child, a friend of my mother’s saw 2 teenage boys toss a kitten into a pen with a couple of fully grown Saint Bernards. I guess that they thought it would make an amusing spectacle. However, the friend rescued the kitten before any damage was done and we adopted it. Might have been one of those shitheads all grown up. Bah.

  21. It astounds me they did this cruel act in broad daylight with traffic everywhere. Whoever they are I hope they rot in the firepit of doom.

  22. I think I’m going to be sick.

    I would have rammed that asshole’s car. To hell with any damage it might have caused to my own, as long as his was disabled enough for me to jump out, rip his door open, and throttle the fucking bastard with my bare hands.

    I hope he has to live with his guilty conscience.


  23. Stuff like this drives me farther and farther away from civilization… I recently rescued a kitten somebody had thrown in a storm drain during a typhoon, so this post hit home.

  24. Stewardship

    This is one of the most utterly foul and despicable acts I’ve read about in quite a while. Read it, and be angry. Why is it so foul? It’s only animals, you say. Because there is no possible excuse for…

  25. Did ANY of the kittens survive?

    This is breaking my heart, and making me so $%&^^ angry at the same time. I have a small dog, she’s like a child to me and my wife, and cruelty to animals hits close to home. Bastards.

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  27. Death is too good for some people

    I swear to God, if I saw someone toss a baby out the window of their fucking car, I’d kill them myself. And for any crapweasels out there who think we should try and understand the mindset that made the…

  28. Death is too good for some people

    I swear to God, if I saw someone toss a baby out the window of their fucking car, I’d kill them myself. And for any crapweasels out there who think we should try and understand the mindset that made the…

  29. Stewardship

    This abominable act is one of the most utterly foul and despicable things I’ve read about in quite a while. Read it, and be angry. Why is it so foul? They’re only animals, you say. Because there is no possible…

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