Why is it, despite being able to trade with every conutry in the world, except the US, that there are still food shortages in Cuba?

Why is it, despite a thriving tourist industry, that there are food shortages in Cuba?

Whys is it that there is every kind of food available in Cuba’s toruists hotels, yet there are still food shortages for the people of Cuba?

Why is it, despite the fact that Castro’s plan was to eliminate all US interests in the Cuba, that he now complains about new restrictions agaisnt the island?

Why is it, if you search google news on cuba, almsot every single article is about the travel restrictions against the island, and not about the injustices happening on the island itself?

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5 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. Val Prieto, Surgeon

    You need to go read this story, this story, and this story to see what happens when fantasy ideology meets reality. Val deftly wields the scalpel of logic and fact in regards Cuba, and does a beautiful job of it….

  2. Why ask why?

    The system imposed on the island is a failure. The fact that the military must now run the tourist industry should prove to the world that it’s all about maintaining the regime.

    The question should be…why is the regime still in power?

    And the answer is…

  3. Why are there food shortages in Cuba? The same reason that “droughts” only seem to afflict countries with planned economies. Coincidence?

  4. Why food shortages? Because Castro thinks it will curry favour for him with the left in the US who will make him out as the victim and Bush yet again as the evil tyrant. Until the left in the US stop playing along the people will continue to suffer for what is in reality a lie.

  5. speaking of why’s and google searches. why is it that when you do a google search on “cuban political prisoners”, you get a tons of hits for web pages to “Free the Five” before you get to one web site or article about elias biscet or the crackdown on the cuban dissidents last march in cuba?

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