Assholes for Peace

The “Humanitarian” aid group Pastors for Peace arrived in Cuba on Saturday donning T-shirts saying: “Regime Change in the U.S. — Not in Cuba.”

Also with the caravan were representatives from the Worker’s World Party, a communist organization.

I wish I could write more about this but the truth is that I find it so completely appalling, so completely stupid that I’m afraid it would just be a long, four-letter-word filled rant.

The real irony here is a “religious” organization joining a communist organization on a “humanitarian” mission. Guess what the first thing to go under communism is?


5 thoughts on “Assholes for Peace”

  1. Figures. The only people stupid enough to be so supportive of Castro are the ones living under AMERICAN freedom. How utterly and completely idiotic. I’m still trying to find a historically “successful” communist country or dictatorship–yet these morons cling to it like a liferaft in their self-made ocean of stupidity. I hope they drown.

    As for being pastors…I seriously doubt they truly know Who God is. They are obviously out of touch with just Who God is and what He stands for.

    You are definitely right…God and communism don’t mix.

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  3. It seems that there are a number of people on the Left who believe (or at least claim to believe) that Jesus and the Apostles preached Communism. Proper Biblical exegesis disproves such claims, but that doesn’t stop the JCs (“Jesus Commies”) from making them.

    And I agree; it is enough to make one thoroughly sick.

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