I need a new boat.

Maybe I can get one real cheap at auction:

New Cuba vessel limits issued.

New U.S. traveling restrictions at sea require vessels less than 100 meters going from the United States into Cuban territorial waters to first obtain a Coast Guard-issued permit.

Violators may face civil penalties up to $25,000 a day and an on-the-spot ticket of up to $10,000 and vessel forfeiture if the Coast Guard can prove the operator went to Cuba.

I hope the Coast Guard keeps itself busy and stops every single American vessel that may have come from Cuba. Here’s why:

Alfredo Chunaciro, 50, a native of Cuba who now lives in Cape Coral, has many relatives still in the country and said the new restrictions will hurt the Cuban people, and the person to blame is Castro.

?In Cuba, you can find anything ? Coca-Cola, Marlboro cigarettes ? but you have to have the dollar to get it.

?But America let it happen. We provided millions of dollars to the economy by sending money to our families. Now they don?t have the dollars for anything, and they have become accustomed to the American way of life.

?It is hurting the Cuban people, but it will also be the collapse of the government,? Chunaciro said.

(emphasis mine)