Pathetic media

Here’s a representative of links from media sources in my Cuba news rss feed this morning:

US travelers challenge Cuba restrictions

HUMANITARIAN group returns from defiant trip to Cuba
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription) – Fort Worth,TX,USA

HUMANITARIAN group returns from defiant trip to Cuba
Team 4 News – Rio Grande Valley,CA,USA

Three of the eight news stories are the same. Hype about the Pastor’s for Peace “humanitarian” mission to Cuba this past week.

It is nothing new with these newsfeeds. Every day I get them and every day the media covers, for the most part, stories such as the Pastors’. Defiance of the US trade and travel embargo gets you a ticket to the front page.

Meanwhile and on ocassion there’s a link such as the following sprinkled in:

Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA

Notice it is from the Voice of America and not your standard media outlet.

A group of obviously leftist “pastors” travel to Cuba, bring back a box of tourist trinkets and a few packs of Cuban coffee and they get all the attention while a man such as Dr. Elias Biscet not only rots in jail but is being systematically starved to death and this story does not merit, in the eyes of the pathetically left leaning media, the ink to print the story.

If this imbalance in the news does not change, we are truly doomed because, in essence, the way Americans perceive their government – as they are informed by the media – dictates policy. And does anyone really want reporters running their country?

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  1. It seems some reporters believe they have an obligation to show their version of the truth to the people, instead of reporting facts. While a democracy is founded on an informed electorate and thus a free press, the endless propaganda of the left is truly a disservice to the US.

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