7 thoughts on “There’s never an egg timer around when you need one…”

  1. Exactly how did the Bushies make Sandy Berger steal documents? Maybe he’ll make a Clintonian argument saying he stole the documents to cope with the suffering he endured for being investigated for having stolen the documents.

    Expect the guys who are demanding the death penalty for the guy with the Hannity memo to point out how trivial this offense is re: Berger.

  2. Note that the strategy that the Left is espousing deals with “the timing of the leak”. Not once do they try to deny that Sham Berger actually stole the documents. No, they try a bit of rhetorical “look-over-there!”-ism by trying to make the whole thing out to be a trumped-up case made for political reasons. It’s really, really pathetic.

  3. Even if it was timed to be “revealed” at a time that is most politically opportune for Bush I say, tough shit! You shouldn’t have taken the documents in the first place. If the nation can be served and justice done then I don’t feel bad about someone pssibly holding off making the investigation public.

    I really want more info on this thing.

  4. Judy Woodruff spent most of her time discussing timing and political implications, not the fact the documents were seem to be stuffed in his SOCK-come on, how inadvertent can that be?

  5. Well Jane, you see, Sham Berger didn’t intentionally put the documents in his socks. He just stuffed them down the front of his pants, and there was nothing to stop them from sliding all the way down.

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