Ah, Yes! The Worker’s Party.

Tell me agian, who starves the Cuban people?

HAVANA, July 28 (V?ctor Manuel Dom?nguez, Lux Info Press / www.cubanet.org) – The 250-some workers of a seed producing company in Bayamo have not been paid their salaries since June while auditors peruse the books looking for reported irregularities committed by a company executive.

Reportedly Ricardo Ferm?n Mart?, the company economist, sold an unspecified amount of seed to the private sector. The authorities’ immediate response to the finding consisted of transferring Mart? to another job and freezing the company’s accounts until they can determine the amounts involved in the transaction or transactions.

To workers’ complaints, company management, and union officials, along with Communist Party officials, said that until they can determine the extent of the problem and allocate responsibilities for the same, nothing can be done.

The case is not an isolated one, said labor activist Sergio N??ez. In nearby Cauto Cristo, also in Granma province, 187 peasants attached to the Carlos Bastida Agricultural Cooperative have not been paid for the last three months because the accounts there have been frozen by request of the Popular Savings Bank. Bank executives denounced the improper use of funds allocated to the Coops food services branch.

N??ez also pointed out that the government press recently carried news of a peasant woman who hadn’t been paid in two years due to the negligence of Ministry of Agriculture officials.