BlogCuba – Almost Done

I have one entry left to post for this BlogCuba project. But before I post it, I want to thank once again each and every blogger that participated and each and every person that dropped by or commented or sent some link love our way.

As I write this I am doing my best to hold back tears. When I started this blog, I wanted to help reach people that otherwise would not have given Cuba much thought. I wanted to do my part – however small in the grand scheme of things -to help give the Cuban plight a voice. I wanted Babalu to be a place where people could come not just to read and learn about Cuban politics and happenings, but a place to showcase the Cuban soul. I wanted to show our love of family, of our countries, of our friends and of libertad, freedom. All of these BlogCuba posts show just that.

These entries I have posted today from such excellent bloggers and friends all show not only solidarity, but a genuine and heartfelt yearning for freedom in Cuba. I am incredibly grateful and honored to call you all friends.

Gracias a todos. Algun dia, BlogCuba vendra de la isla.

8 thoughts on “BlogCuba – Almost Done”

  1. No, Val: thank you. Your openness, sensitivity, and determination are an inspiration – truly. You should be very very proud of what you have created here.

  2. Val:

    What red said, and much more. I’m so lucky to have tripped into an evolving obsession with some of the most interesting, complex human beings this world has whomped up so far. This means you.

    Su hermano,


  3. No! Gracias de nuestros amigo. Hay mas gente que entender Cuba porque su “blog.”

    (I hope that wasn’t too wretchedly written 😉

    Val, thank you for reminding us each day that we don’t just feel freedom in our hearts; we hold freedom in our hands and like good little boys and girls, we should never stop sharing or the attempt thereof.

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