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This entry was written by my Goddaughter who helps her one year old run his blog Brandon’s Puppy. She sent me the following piece and…well…let’s just say that Celia Cruz holds a special place in my heart. Gracias Amanda, me hiciste llorar.



That’s what they called her: The Queen. And she was. When you heard her sing, she had the power to transfer you to that island in the Antilles, her true home, even if she hadn’t set foot in it in almost 50 years. The home she longed to see before her death. The home she wished she could sing in once more, but never did.

It’s been a bit over a year since our Reina died. Every time I hear one of her songs on the radio, I think of this modest, beautiful, humble woman and the dream she could never fulfill. The woman who would sing with her husband’s band until one in the morning, and at five or six when he got home, would unselfishly get out of bed with a smile and make breakfast for her “cabezita de algodon” and his band mates. The woman who, in spite of all she had, is characterized by her charisma and contagious joy, not her material possessions or her platinum albums. Just the mention of her name brings a smile to a face and the shake of a hip. She is our timeless pearl, an angel who lives on in our minds and hearts.

Celia. The woman who epitomizes my Cuban heritage and culture. The woman who will be my inspiration in teaching my son where he comes from, who he is, and who he can become.


“Music is the only gift I have that was given to me by God. Unless He takes it away, I will continue to share my gift with everyone. It is what gives me pleasure. It is what brings me happiness. And that is my purpose in life. In a sense, I have fulfilled my father’s wish to be a teacher as, through my music I teach generations of people about my culture and the happiness that can be found in just living life. As a performer, I want people to feel their hearts sing and their spirits soar.”

Celia Cruz

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  1. So beautiful! I used to see her all of the time, food shopping with her cabezita de algodon. What great down to earth people.

    I’m listening to la Sonora Matancera right now oddly enough.

  2. Oh, btw, I found a book Amanda would *love* for Brandon. It’s called Cuba for Kids, as told by “Abuelo.” Just run a search online and you’ll find it. :^)

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