Or maybe it should read Doh!

With Fidel, trust is the issue

Posted August 16 2004 in The Sun-Sentinel.

No less an authority than the Simpsons TV series surfaced at a recent scholarly conference to describe what’s happening with foreign investment in Cuba.

Turns out in a classic episode that Mr. Burns and Homer arrive on the island in hopes of investing a trillion dollars they have.

They meet with Fidel Castro, who asks to see the trillion-dollar bill. Homer reassures Burns: “I think we can trust the president of Cuba.”

Castro pockets the cash, and when Burns asks for it back, Fidel replies: “Give what back?”

Next, the men are seen floating on a crudely made raft in the ocean — apparently on their way back home.

Attorney Pedro Freyre, who sits on the Free Cuba committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, invoked the episode to show problems foreign investors face doing business with Cuba’s communist regime. Castro authorized limited foreign investment after the end of Soviet subsidies to Havana.

“Clearly, the Cuban government doesn’t like foreign investment,” Freyre said. “They tolerate it. But they don’t like it.”

— Doreen Hemlock

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  1. Val….

    Pedro is slightly off….Castro LOVES when suckers…ooops…foreigners….invest in Cuba. Heck his one for you and five for me philosphy seems to be just what they are looking for. Just a little sarcasm but not far from the truth.

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