Biting the hand that feeds you.

I still have the flu so please bear with me on this post. I wanted to comment on it when Scott first emailed me this link to Matthew Yglesias but I was on meds and feeling crappy.

Now, I don’t usually read Matt because I think he is what we here in the Miami Mafia call un Cubano arrepentido. Reminds me of those Cuban kids in school who would beat you up if you called them Cuban. For them, being Cuban was a bad thing. Now, I’m not criticizing Matt, he is entitled to his opinion and his views and for all I know he is down with his Cuban roots.

But this comment from his entry really touched a nerve:

Check out The Washington Post’s account of how and why George W. Bush decided to impoverish hundreds of Cuban families in an ultimately failed attempt to boost his support among Cuban-Americans in Florida.

(emphasis mine)

Because, of course, we all know that the people in Cuba are poor because of George W. Bush. It is, after all, George Bush’s fault. Everything is. And Matt certainly doesnt let something like facts get in the way of a good jab at the POTUS.

Matt goes on to say:

How is preventing a Cuban-American from sending deodorant to her relatives in Cuba supposed to bring the Castro regime to its knees? Or is the worry that Castro will intercept the deodorant at the border and use it make weaponizable nuclear fuel? Why are we ruled by these idiots?

Quite simplistic, Matt. You obviously know very little, if anything at all, about how the Cuban economy works, but, since you are an arrepentido, Ill let that slide. Whatever curdles you cream.

But, just one last thing. We are not “ruled” by George W. Bush and his administration, we are led by them. See, they are “elected” representatives of the people. “Rulers” are people like Fidel Castro, who dont give a damn about their own people, much less the oppressed people of another country.

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  1. There can be disagreement over the embargo, but to suggest that someone other than Fidel Castro is responsible for Cuba’s misery is pure lunacy. I don’t read Yglesias either, and I didn’t know he has Cuban roots. In any case, that comment puts him in the same category as the Michael Moores and other propagandists of the world.

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