5 thoughts on “A Little Gloating if You Please”

  1. Val: Count me as another FSU fan. Very disappointed, but as you say(seems like we say it every year)”there’s always next year”.


  2. That santeria bullshit you guys use against us in your stadium ain’t gonna help when you come up to Tallahassee next year. “Hurricanes” my ass. First sign of one, and your school shuts down and heads for the hills. In Tally, we weathered the storms, baby. Weathered! I’ll give you the necessary props for, er, uh…winning this time. And the last few times. And those wide right moments. But your decade is over. It’s gonna be Seminole time here shortly and you can either get on board or get out of the way. Go ‘Noles!

    Forever a Hurricanes hater,

  3. Sheesh Scott, did you copy/paste that comment from last year? Or the year before that? Or the one before that? Heck, I think you used an IBM Selectric for that note, back in the ’70’s.

    GOOOOO CANES!!!!!!!!!

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