Conscription Fiction

Bill has an excellent interview with CBS News employees about the recent story they ran on the reinstatement of conscription. President Bush, his administration and the department of Selective Services are on record stating there are no plans to reisntate the draft. Kerry is also on record stating he would not reinstate the draft but has stated – falsely I might add – that the draft would be reinstated under President Bush. So why is this still an issue?

Because CBS News and the MSM make it one. It is yet another example of liberal bias in the media and an example of the MSM attempting to dictate policy. It’s a tactic aimed at scaring voters into choosing Kerry.

Case in point:

My wife was having a conversation with my step son last night. She asked him if he was keeping up with the election and if he had already made his choice for president.

“I’m voting for Bush,” he told her. “But all of my friends are voting for Kerry.”

She asked him why his friends would be voting for Kerry and he responded that they were all afraid of the draft.

This is exactly what the Democratic party wants. They plant the seed of doubt and let the MSM water it until it grows. And they picked the right targets too. How many kids between 18 and 25 do you know follow politics with zeal? Not many.

Rock the Vote, Rap the Vote, MTV, CBS, etal, target the young and confuse them with innuendo, lies and unsubstantiated rumors. And the kids? They swallow it hook, line and sinker. I mean, MTV would not lie to them, would it?

Journalism is not about truth anymore. It’s about instilling the tenets of the liberal collective into the hearts and minds of the individual. It’s about absorption.

It is, in a nutshell, propaganda.

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  2. They have already reinstated the draft, today it’s called stop-loss-orders. and it is a underhanded way to install a defacto draft on the military.
    Will Kerry continue this destructive policy, I have no idea. Is Bush using this destructive policy, YES.


  3. CBS exposes the materialist flaw in Bakhtinian theoretics (or, "the story was like, totally in the air, you dig…?")

    INDC Journal snags a three-part interview with the movers behind CBS News' controversial Draft reinstatement piece, which aired Tuesday evening and was subsequently cited by several commenters as an example of CBS's penchant for advocacy …

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