No Beauty For Cubans

As a kid I remember imagining myself running around and playing in all these wonderfully beautiful and mysterious places. In an exotic land with endless beaches and mountains and all sorts of flora and fauna and tropical fruit laden trees. I would not have a care in the world because all around me I would have Cuba, and she’d be like a mother that would nurture her son.

That’s how my family spoke of Cuba as we sat together and listened to each others stories and recollections of our native land. Not only was Cuba bountiful, but she had a distinct beauty. An inimitable collection of wonders.

Unfortunately, the average family in Cuba now is not allowed to take in her beauty:

Pinar del R?o is full of natural beauties. The landscape has been plucked out of the eyes like a punishment. The province is an immense jail repaying a sin for its natural beauty. The most beautiful sites are being left like a footprint in the fog of memory. So far no one knows when the day will come when they can go back to traveling among them.

The nation’s greatest beauty snatched away from its people and placed at the feet of the foreigner who comes and pays to enjoy the gifts that the leisure industry hands over.


Cubans are no longer allowed to enter Vi?ales Valley, their nations greatest beauty.

Today, only the Omnipotent Tourist is allowed Cuba’s beauty.

4 thoughts on “No Beauty For Cubans”

  1. What a beautiful picture that is val. I hope that I get to visit one day. I have never been to Cuba, you know born here in exile and all that. I guess that I will either have to keep waiting or do something to expedite that day when I’m free to travel to the land that my parents are from.
    Pictures just don’t do the trick, you cant hear the bird or smell the air or even talk to the people. One day it will be our day. Thanks for the preview of things to come.


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