About the VP Debate

Both sides of the blogosphere are giving props to their candidate today on the debate. Personally, I think Cheney had the upper hand. Not necessarily because of his performance, which was pretty good, but because he had things of substance to say.

It is overwhelmingly apparent to me that the Kerry-Edwards ticket is running a negative campaign based on innuendo and misinformation. They are attempting to scare the American people into voting them into office. Starting with last weeks “the draft is coming!” debacle and into last nights skewing of the facts and numbers by Edwards, their campaign is nothing more than an all out alarmist, the sky is falling, plethora of negative rhetoric.

Sure, things arent all rosy right now. There are some domestic issues that need to be resolved. There are some issues with Iraq and Afghanistan that need to be straightened out. But I hardly think the Kerry-Edwards approach of “we have a plan for this and every other thing because if you dont vote for us the world as you know it is going to end” will cut it. There is no dignity in thier campaign. No responsibility and no one to answer for the outright distortion of facts they are imposing on the American people.

It all comes down to dignity and substance. The Kerry-Edwards camp has neither, and come November that alone will make all the difference.

3 thoughts on “About the VP Debate”

  1. Val:

    Totally agree about the dignity. When Edwards brought up Cheney’s gay daughter, it had all the tear-jerking subtlety of a lawyer rolling some wheelchair-bound victim into court. And Cheney shut him down right quick, sacrificing his time, like the class act he is.


  2. I live among liberals, I can believe he did it. It’s a standard talking point that having a gay relative / inlaw / friend / whatever morally obliges you to whole-heartedly support [insert any liberal position you want, or all of them].

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