Peashooters and Spitballs

To coin a phrase from Dave Barry, I am not making this up:

HAVANA, October 4 (Ariel Delgado Covarrubias, UPECI / – The Cuban armed forces will engage in war games across the island starting October 25, said a government official who requested not to be named. The military exercise will go by the name Bastion 2004.

The war games will include all branches of the armed forces, the militia, and the Production and Defense Brigades and will explore what the government calls “Strategy of the War of the People.”

The official announcement is to be made October 10, a Cuban national holiday.

1 thought on “Peashooters and Spitballs”

  1. “War _of_ the people?” Castro’s thing is “war _on_ the people.” If only the years of life lost to his victims could be subtracted from his lifespan.

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