I just dont have the self restraint to say much about this without absolutely losing it.


Perhaps it is a good thing my parents are very old. I don’t know how many more tributes to the man that murdered their friends and family members in cold blood they could stand.

I am just completely disgusted. Jerome is too, but he manages to remain a bit more composed than I.

And Lincoln spins in his grave.

23 thoughts on “STUPID AMERICANS”

  1. Stop’N’Look. See Jeff Falk Mock. Mock, Jeff, Mock.

    by Jerome du Bois Jeff Falk’s long-promised installation at the Stop’N’Look window on Grand Avenue is just about as viciously ignorant an attack on America — and on its unique and honored status as protector of the sovereign individual –…

  2. You’re not the only one who’s disgusted with this, Val. Anyone who loves freedom and liberty has to see Chanker Guevarra as the antithesis of a freedom fighter. I’m sure Lincoln is spinning in his grave at this one.

  3. Kathleen,

    My anger at this goes way beyond the Cuba issue. This “artist” has placed Che Guevara right next to Abraham Licoln. As a Cuban I get pissed, but as an American I want to beat the living crap outta the guy. How dare he.

  4. The beatification of Ch&eacute

    Two of my blog brothers, Val at Babalú and Scott at Burton Terrace, focus much of their content on what’s going on in Cuba, the Caribbean and South America. Val, being the son of Cuban parents and living in…

  5. You all fuckers, are you stupid? What is wrong with the pictures posted side by side, you guys are assholes, fuck you all, don’t try to divide the people, because of the past, try to find better subjects,rather than fucking past….fuckers

  6. Clever European,

    As a matter of fact, I did vote Bush. And proudly so. In the next four years, when you and your european anti-semitic counterparts are all praying at the mosques four times a day and getting taxed through the teeth for of of those “social” programs that ahve been proven dont work one bit, Ill be at home here in the States, driving my big ass SUV around town just to spend some gas and laughing my ass off at your sheer stupidity. get a grip, asswipe.


    Drop dead, prick.

  7. You proudly vote for bush yet you wonder why terrorists attack your country?!? surely you can see the hatred he instils in people around the world! yeah sure i am not stupid enough to think kerry would have stopped all the hatred of America but there are other people out there who dont hate America they simply hate bush! by voting for him you have missed a chance to remove some of this hatred!

  8. I feel so sorry for every single person in that country, the stupid fucking ape head bush supporters are just fucking brainwashed by all the fucking pollution, and everyone else is just fucked because they are stuck in that shithole you call a country with alot to fucking say but no fucking balls to do anything about it because a pitly fucking 60% of you fucking young morons voted so good fucking luck fuckers!!! stay the fuck out of our country we’re too fucking relaxed for you.

  9. Val,
    May I dive in? Thanks…

    To “less clever”:
    Terrorists haven’t attacked our country since 9/11. There’s a reason why…George Bush went after them.

    The “hatred he instills in people around the world” is the rest of the world’s problem, not ours. I challenge you to find someone escaping another nation’s oppression and poverty for American freedom. Then, ask them if they “hate” George Bush.

    By voting for President Bush, we’re trying to show the world that we think our president is doing what we want. There’s a reason why those other people live where they do, and can stay there.

    Shona: so angry, so vicious, yet we don’t know where you live…pity.

    Val, thanks. I feel better.

  10. Hey Joe, Im gonna be completely rational about this..
    Terrorists had never attacked America before George Bush’s evangelical government came into power. This was the biggest act of terrorism the world has ever seen; this was undertaken WITH Bush in the White House.
    Isolationism is the key to all of America’s ignorance towards the Europeans and Asians. Remember the Kyoto agreement? 5% of the worlds population (you) are creating 90% of the worlds co2 emmisions.. etc..
    Middle America are voting Bush. Why do you think this was one of the tightest fought political campaigns in American history with record electoral turnouts?

    If anyone wants to kick up a stink I’ll gladly help f**k your argument up 🙂 arguing with Americans is like arguing with a five year old..

    Lots of love, a well-informed European xxx

  11. stevo: I have to wonder exactly how well-informed you really are when you make a comical statement like “terrorists had never attacked America before…Bush…” Here’s a link to a piece on my blog that lists attacks against America and foreign American interests long before President Bush arrived in the WH.

    I mean, did you forget that a similar bunch of Islamo-fascists tried to knock down the WTC in 1993? The USS Cole, while in foreign waters, was also attacked, which is just as good as attacking us. Unlike others, I count the Oklahoma bombing as a terrorist attack, even though it was committed by two Americans…who may have had foreign help, though that’s never been proven.

    I would hardly consider consider America isolationist, since it was America who has pulled multiple European and Asian countries through wars in the past 100 years. Perhaps you never learned about WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf I, etc, etc. Besides, why is America considered “isolationists” by people like you? Europe (with the exception of braver nations like the UK, Poland, Italy and others) has chosen to stay out of the fight. You want to help us out? Jump in! I’m sure Mr. Bush would welcome your assistance.

    Don’t get me started on Kyoto, okay? If the rest of the planet had the technological advances we do, including such things as air conditioners and refrigeration, we wouldn’t be hearing a peep about the fantasy of global warming. But that’s an argument for another day…

    I don’t know how you interpret the vote to strictly be “middle America.” What’s your definition of “middle”? How about this? Go here. Look at the map. Bush won the red, Kerry the blue. Look at the concentration of blue and tell me what you see…big cities, traditionally liberal areas, etc. The rest of the nation went solidly Republican. If we didn’t have an electoral college system, Bush would have kicked Kerry’s ass. That’s a big “middle” in all that red.

    As for a record turnout, you’re right. And Bush won 3.5 million more votes. Up 2% among black voters. Same percentage of gay voters (23%) as in 2000. More Hispanics and more women than 2000. One more state than 2000. First president since his father in 1988 to get a majority of the total vote. Received more total votes than any other candidate in history. The only thing that was “tight” was the EV, based on the margin in Ohio, which could have swung it the other way.

    As is typical of the shallow, you don’t want to argue for the sake of convincing me of your point or really be “rational”…in the end, you just want to call us names. Well, in the end, whatever “stink” you raise is inconsequential, because I live here, my guy won, our side is very happy, and there’s nothing people like you can do about it. Argue all you like; I’ll just light up a cigar and wallow in my own smugness, knowing that nothing you say to me or the rest of America matters a whit.

    Love right back at ya, pal.

  12. Terrorists had never attacked America before George Bush’s evangelical government came into power.

    Someone forgot that the WTC was attacked twice.

  13. Americans to Euros: Drop Dead. Thanks.

    Over the weekend, I joined in a bit of back-and-forth with some (alleged) European folks who decided to criticize our country’s choice of leadership. Not that this is breaking news, but the comments were part of a posting over at…

  14. Thanks joe, you have made me hate george bush even more! your fucking arrogant view that you are better than everyone else makes me so frustrated that it wasnt you getting shot in iraq rather than one of the 1000+ soldiers george bush decided to sacrifice to protect idiots like you! It just doesnt make any sense!why send those soldiers to their deaths? for what? it hasnt made us any safer! george bush has mainly been lucky in there being no more terrorist attacks. we could get attacked any day. then what? would you still stand by your decision to vote bush? he has started a war on iraq with money we dont have for no real reason! how many of the terrorist attacks you listed above were perpetrated by iraqis?

  15. Another point: you also seem happy to argue that 9/11 wasnt the first time you were attacked but that takes attention away from the fact that you WERE attacked while george bush was in the white house and while he had access to information saying there was a risk of an attack yet he did nothing!!! but i spose as the economy was doing fairly well as it came upto the election you conviently forgot and thought about who you could make the most money under.

  16. Gee, Goober, you sure do live up to your name. It’s clear from your statement that you have absolutely no idea what youre talking about. Perhaps you should do a little more reading and alot more research before you make an ass out of yourself again.

  17. seems like its all republican retards up in this shit. bush blows. thats a given. kerry sucked too. the democrats really shot themselves in the ass by picking him instead of dean, who was more deserving of the nomination. america is indeed isolationist to all the countries that wont get down and kiss its “almighty” ass. kudos to france and germany for having the balls to stand up to the schoolyard bully/redneck/inbred texan peice of shit we have running the country. if i had my way, all evangelicals would be hanging by their intestines from lightposts and the CBN studios would be a smoking crater…..bush would be dead, laying in a field on his crawford ranch with his head beat in by rifle butts and the rest of his cabinet (save for colin powell, the only one with a sembalance of brains) would be rotting in an unmarked grave somewhere. the only way this country will ever progress is by cutting out the tumors that are evangelical christianity and conservatism.

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