Castro is watching me….I’ma sceeered.

You know, if I were one of those conspiracy minded people I would think the Castro regime was out to get me, or trying to ridicule me in some wayor at least watching me. More than a few people have told me that this blog is probably monitored by the Cuban government in one way or another. I find this hard to believe of course, but should that be the case, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I really don’t say much more than what is generally reported in news agencies like the AP, Reuters, etc… I also post news directly from Cuba via Cubanet and Net for Cuba International. I usually just post a quick comment and then the news item, on occassion I editiorialize, but for the most part, I dont really say much more than is already out there on the newswires.

However, there are some posts here that seem to garner the attention of the Che and Fidel proponents. These posts are usually where I just criticize the left, with little or no links to actual news articles.

For example, I posted this quick item the other day about young girls prostituting themselves in Cuba and one of the comments was:

Similar deals are available
in Miami and every American city.

This is the Castro standard for responding to criticism. Shrug it off and say it’s just as bad in the US. My response would be:

Yes, yes, simliar deals are available here unfortunately, but I wasnt talking about Miami or American cities. I was talking about the workers paradise. I was talking about that great utopian island known as Cuba. Surely, 14 year old girls must have everything they need in a country where education and healthcare are priorities? Surely there is no need for them to sell their bodies for a soda, is there? Im sure their pantries are full in thier homes. They don’t go hungry under communism do they? I mean, everyone is equal supposedly, and it’s an all for one and one for all type deal there, is it not? Everyone works together for the collective, and in a country as agriculturally sound as Cuba, no one would be want of anything, correct? Socialism or muerte, no?

Then, in another post from yesterday about American musicians as they would be seen through the eyes of Celia Cruz, the staunch anti-Castro queen of salsa music, I received a comment from the same person quoted above stating:

Celia might just be on stage with Rock the Vote.
She was twice refused visas in the 50’s because U.S. law at the time forbade entry to foreigners affiliated with communists.
Cruz was blacklisted for 5 years as a suspected communist by the US after leaving Cuba.
She got off the blacklist by paying blackmail to anti Castro organizations.

There was also a link supplied to an ABC news article about the fact that Celia was not allowed entry into the US back in 1959. Everyone knows this, it is a well known fact that Celia, among others, at one point in time were considered a threat by the US government. Big effen deal. Stop pointing to the past, or is it that there is no future for you in sight?

The thing is that the commenter, follows exactly the modus operandi of the Castro regime. Instead of addressing the meaning of the post, he points to the US as “da bad guy.”

After a stern response from me, the commenter, falling for my unintended trap, states:

Celia’e having to give the money she

earned to anti-Castro groups so she

could work is blackmail. What do you call

it Liberty Tribute?

Please do not rail against socialism

when Cuban refugees/exiles quickly availed

themselves of all the American versions:

Social Security,

medicaid, welfare.

“De ayuda” as you say.

Now, let me make one thing clear, as a Cuban living in Miami, part of the Miami-Mafia as Fidel and his minions like to call us, I can assure you that that statement comes directly from the Fidel handbook. If I had a dime for every time Fidel or one of his regime’s flunkies said that very same thing I would be doing the firing on The Apprentice. It is standard boilerplate argument. And if some exiles received “welfare” from the US government when they arrived, it can be argued that Cuba herself has received welfare from us via remittances for over a decade. One billion dollars in welfare a year.

Fact of the matter is that Celia, like every other Cuban who exiled to Miami during the period, did whatever she could to bring Castro down. She didn’t pay blackmail, she sang and raised money for anti-Castro groups. She didnt do it because she was forced, she did it because she was a Cuban who loved freedom. A Cuban who cared about her country, her culture and her people. The same Cuban woman whose music to this day is not allowed to be played in her native country.

But the Castro regime, having no defense for the absolute shambles Cuba is in, takes attention away from their abysmal record by pointing the finger the other way. Like the true left, it is always someone else’s fault. Responsibility is for others.

I have been hearing people like that commenter my entire life. It is a more than familiar tune they sing. The differences between his opinions and mine are simple. My opinion is mine. Formulated by my own intellect and not overseen by committee. There is, unklike the commenter’s, absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am right. No doubt whatsoever.

So, Fidel, if you or one of your little feeble minded agents is reading this here blog, pay attention to this:

Me cago en tu madre, hijo de la gran puta. I have said this before, but I will say it again, one day soon, I will piss on your grave. I am already in line, and it’s a long one.

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  1. This idiot thinks Social Security is welfare? Is he aware that we pay for it all of our lives, and that we’re able to do that because we make good money in a capitalist society?

    If this moron is a Cuban loyal to Castro, living in Miami, he should be deported. After serving ten years in a federal penitentiary. If he’s in the U.S., he’s a coward and a hypocrite. In other words, a pussy.

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