How to freak out your sleeping Cuban wife:

(UPDATE:If you came here from Deans, you may want to read this entry where I respond to a comment on his post.)

I wake up this morning with a bit of a hangover. I’d been watching the games last night and, being that I was already hammered by the 3rd inning of the Yaknees/Sox game, had fallen alseep somewhere around the fifth inning. I’m eager to see what the final score is so I turn on the TV and then go turn on the shower.

I come back to the television and through the hangover haze I see a news clip of Fidel Castro tripping and falling on his face at some graduation ceremony in Cuba.

“Babe!” I yell to my sleeping Cuban wife. “Fidel Castro fell!”

I hear an immediate and growing “wwhhaAATTTT???!!” followed by some thumping around coming from the bedroom. Then there’s a big crash. Next thing I know my wife is sprawled on the hallway floor with a dazed look.

“I didn’t mean he fell fell,” I say. “He just fell. As in he tripped and landed on his face.”

“Ay, Babe,” she says to me. “DON’T DO THAT EVER AGAIN!”



UPDATE: After the fall, Castro apologized for “any suffering this may have caused.”
Yoan responds: Yes, for the suffering. The suffering caused by his not having died in the fall.

UPDATE: Dont forget to enter a date in The Castro Croaking Contest.

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  2. Your wife has, by now, devised a plan for how she will awaken you, come the day.

    An as-soon-as-possible application of flowers may buy you a more moderate fate.

  3. That is TOO FUNNY!! I can actually picture her on the floor.
    Hopefully soon he’ll fall into a six-foot hole in the ground.

  4. Castro Breaks Bones in Fall?

    AP President Fidel Castro tripped and fell after leaving the stage at a graduation ceremony, but later returned to say that he was “all in one piece.” Castro’s off-camera tumble after the Wednesday night speech in the central city of…

  5. how funny, the same happen in my house. One of my kid’s came running to the room and it was yelling ” mom, dad “Fidel se cayo, is on the news” I was not able to even said a word , I was shock, but when we when running to the tv, it was not the meaning of “se cayo” that we wanted to hear.

  6. Fidel Takes a Fall

    BBC: Fidel Castro, Cuba’s 78-year-old leader, is recovering after falling at the end of a public speech and possibly fracturing a knee and an arm. Aides were seen rushing to his assistance as he was leaving a stage in the…

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  8. As I saw him sprawled on the floor this morning first person I thought of was you…and I looked forward to reading your post. Your poor wife – trying to imitate Fidel. You must choose your words more wisely. He ‘slipped’…until he actually FALLS – it which case you can call it anything you want.

  9. Fidel Castro Falls, Breaks Arm And Knee

    Oh my God this is hilarious. Not that the man broke his arm and knee, but I saw the video on the news and it is funny. It’s like right out of some Jerry Lewis movie. I’m gonna track…

  10. Val, that is funny and I feel for the Mrs. Aren’t you the hubby that shaved his legs too?

    Gotta love your lady.

  11. From the newslink:

    “Cuba’s National Assembly elected him president in 1976, following the adoption of a new constitution.” –So he’s a duly-elected leader and Cuba has a Constitution–just like us!

    “Though poverty is rampant throughout the Caribbean island, most Cubans remain loyal to Castro and his revolution.”–In a police state, how can it be honestly determined who the people support?

    And if he has their support, then why not hold truly free elections?

    Next Year in Havana, Val.

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