11 thoughts on “I am a Miami Cuban.”

  1. I am a New York City Cuban American. There used to be a lot of us here at one time. There was even parts of the city that were considered Cuban enclaves. Not anymore. They have either died, moved to New Jersey, or gone to Miami – or the children of Cubans became yuppies and married Anglos and don’t give a shit about being Cuban.

    It’s hard to be Cuban American in NYC – people ask you what you are – you say Cuban – there are usually 2 responses:

    1. Oh I love Cuba – I went last year – had a great time – do you listen to the Buena Vista Social Club…

    2. Oh but you are not one of those crazy Nazi Miami Cubans right?

    or you tell em you are Cuban American and they look at you like you just admitted to having an affair with theri mothers and killing little puupies!

    “…but you people are evil with the blockade and the vilence against the poor innocent island that gives free medical care and free education with the lowest infant mortality rate in the world! Tell me, tell me, tell me why do you people hate Fidel so much? YOU ARE FULL OF HATRED!” they scream at you!

    no kidding – this and many situations like this have happened to us here all the time – so although I am proud to be a Cuban and I am an anti communist I have to be quite at times for fear of being called a Fascist Nazi.

  2. You don’t fit their stereotype of oppressed minority. Same hate as they have for conservative african americans. They want you to toe the line like a good little minority and let them “help” you. Besides how dare you look the gift of the socialist paradise in the mouth.

    Mr Jones, how about when you get invited to a trendy NYC “Cuban” resturant and in walks a guy proudly wearing his Che t-shirt.

  3. You are paranoid.

    Paranoids do have real enemies,

    but you are certainely accepted in

    your home, Miami.

    To most of this country you are an exotic

    bird mostly below their radar. On the whole

    this country doesn’t even know you exist

    to hate.

  4. They hate you because they see the repudiation of all of their racial (racist) assumptions. You’re part of a “minority” that has managed to succeed without government programs, and as such they can’t abide you. Goes to show how deep their “tolerance” really runs.

  5. I hear ‘Miami Cuban’ and immediately say, ‘cool!’ And want to make friends! No better people on earth!

    But I know about these bozos you all run into. I’ve been abused just for liking you all.

  6. People often despise what challenges their perception of reality. Your very existance is a problem for those that would adore Castro and elevate him as a Great Leader.

    Those that choose to live up North lose huge amounts of brain cells each winter. Maybe they’re jealous that you have enough sense to live somewhere warm and festive!

    The very knowledge of your existance must be almost unbearable for Yankee communists!

    Or, maybe people hate you because you curse a little freely. Or because you refuse to add GreatNorthernWhite beans to your chili recipe (although the white beans really do expand an already nice range of color). Or because they’re stuck in a rut listening to Bob Dylan and you’re probably listening to something Cuban. Or because you have a sense of humor and they don’t. Or because you have cute legs (according to some reports) and they don’t. Or because … there’s just no accounting for the crazies.

    Wouldn’t a more productive question be “Why is it that some folks adore me so much?”

  7. I don’t hate you, Val.

    I’m just wondering when you’re going to get around to introducing me to some of the nice Cuban ladies you and your wife must know. I plan on starting a “Little Cuba” over here in Pensacola once I rebuild my house next year.

    Notice…that was a hint….did you catch that? Cuban wife…Hint, hint….wink, wink, nudge, nudge…say no more….know what I mean?

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