8 thoughts on “Message for Mr. Kerry”

  1. Hmmm…I wonder who “True Majority” thinks the true majority is now?

    Oh, Val…I sent you a few articles, but I seem to be having trouble reaching you by e-mail. Hmmm…

  2. Gracias to the 44% of the hispanic vote that President Bush won handidly. Boy, the Dems look so dejected and confused. HA! Guess the 18 months of screaming at the TV worked! THANK YOU AMERICA for doing the right thing (by at least 3.5 million votes).

  3. congratulations to the Republican party and President Bush
    I have been trying to send out congratulatory e-mails all morning but my computer refuses to cooperate.


  4. The Sound of Rushing Wind (Altoids Gum chewed for your comfort)

    Kris , the ever faithful friend, kept me abreast of all the latest election news via telephone as we only have high-powered rabbit ears and broke-down dial-up. Celebrate good times (Read the comments and see what Jeff has officially…

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