3 thoughts on “Im with SGM Hook”

  1. Cripes, that summary was really good!

    Oppenheimer today, somewhat disdainfully, says that there are great rewards ahead for good friendly steadfast allies like Colombia and El Salvador, and the woodshed treatment coming for Chavez and Castro. Our man is ‘takin’ names!’

    And no, like Mister Cash says, the Latam states are not all going to be treated alike!

    I could not be more pleased.

  2. What strikes me most about that sorryeverybody.com site is the fact is the doofus in the picture signed it ?half of America”. He should know as well as anybody that he really means about 3.5 million less than half.

    Also, is it possible for the Dolphins to go one freakin’ game without getting an INT returned for a TD?

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