It’s Christmas in November!!!!!

Apparently there was a big mix-up with the list and Santa Claus has given all Dolphins Fans an early present to make up for the past eight Sunday’s worth of sacks of coal.

Dave Wannstedt will resign today as head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

I feel like dancing a jig!

I know, I know, it’s not always good to have your head coach leave in midseason. Yes, the team may be in disarray for the remainder of the season. So what? The Miami Dolphins are 1-8. One game won out of nine games played. That record is unheard of here in Dolphinland. Never in the history of the franchise had the Miami Dolphins had such an abyssmal season.

Is there a chance that the Dolphins will go out with a 1-15 record now? Sure. But now at least the guy that brought us to this football purgatory is no longer here.

I dont really feel to bad for Wannstedt even though he is by all accounts a very good and decent man. Football is football, and football aint for nice guys. I do wish him the best in the future, which will probably be as head coach of the Pittsburg Panthers. Good luck, Dave. Condolences, Pitt fans.

Now all I need is for Santa Claus to get rid of Rick Spielman, the Dolphins general manager, and put in someone who actually knows what the hell he’s doing.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction and since we are in the football gutter, we have nowhere else to go but up.


2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas in November!!!!!”

  1. It was an early Christmas present for me as well. Maybe they can get Jimmy Johnson back in as GM. He’s always had a nose for good players, especially the ones that no one else considered good enough for the NFL.

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