5 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas…”

  1. So this group gets to immigrate/defect primarily because they proved that they kept the money that they earned? Capitalism at its finest! Because I didn’t see anything about asking for asylum in that article or on the TV news. Its a bit confusing though. All the other acts that go on the international circuit are actually earning money for Castro, but this group managed not to? Now, how did they do that in the first place? A second set of books for Fidel? Or is what they showed the State Department the second set of books? Hey, I’m glad that they can stay here, but the story just don’t make sense.

  2. This looks like another victory for the left, the other one is that I got word that some of the people at Guantanamo are getting visas to go to Costa Rica, with help from a Democratic congressman from New York.

  3. The “badge” that the lady in the bottom photo is showing looks curiously like the lower half of a woman. I wonder how she carries it around?

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