The Truckonauts

Remember the floating truck folks? The ones that got stopped by the coast Guard just 8 miles off of the US after having altered a truck, making it float, and fashioning makeshift propellers to make it move?

You know, these guys:


Well, they finally got out of Cuba. They are now guests of the Costa Rican government after “special interests groups” – as the liberal media likes to call the Miami Exile community – lobbied the US interests section in Havana to help the truckonauts get off the island.

The truckonauts spent a few months in Guantanmo Naval base prior to their departure for Costa Rica. Here’s what the truckboat designer was thinking while he was there:

During Grass’ months at Guant?namo, Garcia said, his childhood friend told him he looked longingly at the military vehicles on the base.

”He told me: You know, if they let me, I could make a tank float and head for Miami,” Garcia said.

“I told him: “Luis, please!”

I wonder, with all the hullabaloo about immigration and illegal aliens this week here, here and here, if some people will still have a problem with their entering the country?

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  1. I’m with Malkin on this one. Every government has an obligation to decide who can and can’t cross its borders. It’s just common sense.

    We could be doing what Canada does, insisting that people have something to contribute if they want to live here. Instead, we wait for criminals and future welfare recipients (and Fidel Castro, during the Carter years) to make the decision for us. We could be getting doctors and engineers. Instead, we’re getting people who are going to be a drain on our resources, as well as terrorists. Not every immigrant is a hard-working Cuban who is willing to sell oranges in the middle of Flagler street in order to stay off welfare.

    The same people who think it’s okay to pay forty dollars for a pizza so Domino’s can provide health insurance to drivers tell us we can’t stop illegals because the price of limes will go up. Funny how that works.

    The people with the biggest immigration beef are the Jews. They couldn’t get asylum here in the thirties and forties, and half of them were exterminated. I wonder how much better off America would be today if we had accepted millions of Europe’s most highly educated and successful people, instead of abandoning them to Hitler’s mercy. Thanks, FDR.

    I don’t buy the argument that Malkin is anti-Hispanic, for the simple reason that Filipinos–like Malkin–ARE Hispanic.

    Hope I make it past the border patrol at the entrance to ManCamp on Sunday.

  2. Steve,

    The thing is that I agree with you and Malkin, I am all for tightening the Mexican border. What bothers me is that she uses the pretense of a terrorist attack to make her argument. You make the argumnent quite succinctly, without the need to scare the wits out of people by assuring us that terrorists will, in fact, enter the country through the Mexican border. And while I know there have been a few isolated cases of persons linked to some kind of terrorist activity or another trying to enter the US through the Mexican border, it is not the norm. If a terrorist wants to get into the US, he will find a way.

    Curtailing illegal immigration is one thing, a necessity, but dont try to sell it with the guise of anti-terrorism.

    Like I said at Hawkins blog, lets call a spade a spade and move on.

  3. Never mind what policy wonks proclaim about the matter. Regular joes understand that Cubans are running from political predators and have a right to seek refuge here.

  4. Sheer Determination

    The Truckonauts I say we let ’em in. Should’ve done it the first time. We can always use more engineers. Unlike the Mexican border situation, these people are fleeing political persecution. This is a different shade of grey….

  5. BTW, I don’t think “Luis” is a good enough title for him, he needs an epithet. “Luis el Marinero” sounds much better. Which would be a good name for an award given to creativity in escaping from totalitarian regimes – the “Luis el Marinero” Trophy or something.

  6. As Australian Prime Minister John Howard said, “We will decide who comes here and the circumstances in which they come.”* Nevertheless, you have to admire the ingenuity and perserverance of the Truckonauts. And like Cube, I hope for the day when Cubans don’t have to resort to such measures to come to America.

    *I don’t know how to embed URLs in comments but I have the source if anyone’s curious.

  7. Cubans have a woderful sense of humor and Lord knows they’ve needed it. All the ones I’ve known have been hard workers, had learned English and were grateful to be here. Also, they have great food. Has anyone ever had Cuban Chinese food? My point is they’ve contributed much more to the USA than they’ve taken and that’s the kind of immigrant we need.

  8. What’s wrong with US immigration policy?

    Cubans, from a terrorist state with biological warfare capabilities, land in Ft Lauderdale in the morning and are released into the community that afternoon.
    The day before 24 Haitians, after spending 2 years in immigration jail, are deported to a homeland that makes Cuba look like Disneyworld.

    Black is the color, None is the number.

  9. Guest, there are Black Cubans and they flee to America as well. I don’t know that there is any official policy to declare that they don’t get to stay while others fairer in hue do.

    Not that I’m saying that Haitians get a good deal. Haiti has problems that I wonder sometimes if God Himself can fix and you have to feel for the crappiness of the life available both to the refugee and the Haitian who chooses to remain at home.

  10. When the exploits of these guys hit the papers, my co-workers gave me quite a ration of crap because this truck is faster on the water than my old sailboat.

    I admire the resourcefulness of these guys. Anybody with that kind of drive and resourcefulness is going to be a credit to THIS country if we give them half a chance. This is the spirit that brounght my ancestors to the New World.

    I think we ought to bring them over and send fidel danny glover and barbra streisand in trade…

  11. About 60% of island Cubans are Black or Mulatto.
    Miami Cubans are overwhelmingly white.
    Not to say there is not racism in Castro’s Cuba, but Balck Cubans seem to have chosen the island’s culture over the place offered them in the US.
    Haitians have no refuge here or on their Island.
    Peoples in similar circumstance , radically different treatment.
    “You break it you own it”, does not seem to apply in Haiti.

    Although there was gunfire near Colin Powell when he visited haiti yesterday.

  12. While undoubtedly the economic situation in both Cuba and Haiti is dire, it is true that Cubans get a completely different treatment when it comes to immigration. An outdated policy that grants Cubans political asylum because American companies got kicked out of the island after the revolucion means that as Guest partly suggests, there is indeed a cruel double standard. Many Cubans who leave their country are doing so for the very same reasons other immigrants undergo harrowing voyages into U.S. territory: they want a better life. Simple as that. Therefore, we should give the same treatment to all.

  13. In 1890 my Great-Grandfather crossed the Atlantic from Italy to arrive at Ellis Island. He was thoroughly checked in a medical exam and had to have promised work and a sponsor to remain in America. Other family members from the other side of my family were turned back because of medical reasons, etc. (they eventually got here). There was a time when we made sure people were coming here to become part of the fabric of America – and I see nothing wrong with that. I do see something wrong with illegal immigrants getting welfare, social security, etc. at my expense. They are illegal! I have no problem with immigrants so long as they come here legally and find work to better themselves – not suck off my tax $$$. I believe that most people who come to America want a better life – and that is certainly true of our friends in Cuba. It pisses me off when they are turned back – it’s obvious how desperate they are to get out. I don’t understand why we let just ‘anyone’ in and don’t have higher standards or common sense. If someone is ingenious enough to keep a 1950 car RUNNING, nevermind make it into a boat – I’m sure someone at Chrysler can use them on their design team. My PT Cruiser SUCKS!

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