Weblog Award Endorsements

Ill leave it up to you all to vote for your favorite bloggers in other categories, but i thought I’d give props to a few folks in the running here.

Best New Blog – Bill of INDC Journal’s got it going on, despite being behind in the polls to a non-blog. Besides, the man is cooler than cool. I mean, look at this.

Best Group BlogThe Command Post, by far.

Best Humor Blog – Jeff Goldstein’s Protein Wisdom has a chance to topple the incumbent. Plus, the man is insane.

Best Liberal Blog – HAHAHAHAHAA…um, yeah, right. I think the guy winning is part Cuban.

Best Military BlogHooks my pal, so my vote’s his, but Blackfive and Smash are superb.

Best Conservative Blog – Too many great choices.

Best Election Coverage – Another tough one, I read most of those nominated, except kos, of course.

Best Media/Journalist Blog – Mark Steyn.

Best Culture Blog – Gotta go with Michele on this one, but SondraK rocks too.

Best Top 100 Blog – My blogdaddy, Dean.

Best Top 100-250 BlogSerenity. Cause she’s a BABE!

And of course Best Latino/Caribbean/South American Blog – You can vote for me, but all the other nominees are good. And Daniel of Venezuela News has been a constant, effective source of information on the turmoil in Venezuela.

There’s plenty more categories, so drop by and check them out. All the blogs nominated are good. Expand your horizons.

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