16 thoughts on “Is this the look…”

  1. Sure, most Miamians would be intimidated by this picture, however, I have seen you shave your legs on film – therefore – I know it’s just an act. But scary to those not fortunate enough to have been scarred by the shaving legs picture.

  2. What’s up with that headline? “Some say it’s just a trend”? If it was someone wearing a picture of Hitler, the Jews would be upset, and nobody would say “it’s just a trend.” Go figure. Congrats on the publicity!

  3. Val shows his stuff.

    Yesterday, I mentioned that Val Prieto’s interview on the Ché clothing appeard in the local Miami press. I demanded to see the hard copy edition so we could see his picture with the anti-Ché shirt. Val has now obliged….

  4. Linkage

    (I actually composed this one yesterday. It’s been a very long day) More on rising violent crime in the UK: Scottish psychologist Dr. Ian Stephen gives some appalling advice to potential crime victims. Wretchard recalls where he’s seen this type

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