Masturbaci?n Mental

Major mental masturbation going on in Cuba right now.

Cuba hails wargame warning to US

“The enemy will never catch us by surprise,”

“The only way to stop aggression is to make it abundantly clear that, in this case, Cuba will become from one end to the other an enormous wasp’s nest that no aggressor, however powerful, will be able to overcome,”

“In the end, (the aggressor) will have to withdraw, bloodied and defeated, because this would be a war of all of the people,”

“does not commit the errors it committed in Vietnam and that it is now committing in Iraq. So that they do not underestimate our people, who are united and more powerful than those in Iraq.”

“We are always prepared for the worst, even for military aggression, … because this (US) administration is not only right-wing, it is a crazy administration — and the war in Iraq proves it.”

It would be funny if it weren’t so damned HILARIOUS.

9 thoughts on “Masturbaci?n Mental”

  1. Castrato talks a big game…but if you look closely behind him, there stands Chavez, hand up Castro’s ass, working him like the puppet he is and has always been. Once a useful idiot, always a useful idiot…if not for the soviets, now the Venezuelan socialists.

  2. We’ve lots of excuses .

    John Bolton John R. Bolton, Under Secretary for Arms Control
    and International Security
    publicly accused Cuba of having an offensive biological warfare program,

    Cuba,Terrorist state, biological weapons.

    Gonna be a cake walk after a little Shock and Awe.

    You will be able to drive your SUV’s from Versalles, after having a lechon asado lunch,
    onto the landing craft and into Havana in time for dinner.
    No doubt your route will filled with Cubans throwing flowers and kisses.

  3. I wonder what will happen after Fidel dies. Will we go back? Is it going to be americanized? Is the currency going to change? Will it have a white castles?

    I wanna know

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