People just dont care, Dean.

Che Guevara?

Oh he was a harmless idealistic – and handsome – revolutionary that stood up against the establishment. Besides, he only killed a few hundred people, perhaps even a thousand or two. But they were just Cubans. And Chileans. And Bolivians. And Africans. He didnt kill no white folks.

Know what I’m sayin’?

Besides, look how totally cool my Che Guevara Revolution watch that I got from the New York Public Library is!

7 thoughts on “People just dont care, Dean.”

  1. You should stage a public smashing the watch to draw attention to the absurdity of a publically funded institution selling the image of a leftist murderer to make a profit.

  2. What? Che didn’t kill any white people?

    What was wrong with that boy? Didn’t he know that white people are the cause of all suffering and oppression in the world?

  3. That Ch&eactue; Guevara…such a “whimsical” guy.

    The Ch&eactue; Guevara Admiration Society is continuing to take heat, especially from Val, who has taken this on as a personal quest. I’ve documented the Burlington Coat Factory and N.Y. Public Library attempts to sell Ch&eactue; items and the attempts…

  4. Oh, Che. My pet peeve – Che T-Shirts worn by morons who don’t know that equal distribution of wealth was the least of Che’s evilness. Thanks for your weblog.

  5. Oye Val TREMENDO sitio. Por fin! This is a breath of fresh air. Estoy tan cansado de Che. I mean que carajo hizo Che? He failed Cuba’s economy. He failed in Africa. There has only been one Vietnam and so his tricontinetal speech to Asia was a failure. And finally he failed in Bolivia were he died. Has anyone been able to figure out what is so inspiring about this failure? Porque estoy sin palabras.

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