I’m Beat

Busted my behind around the house this weekend. Everything hurts. Posting will be light today as I have a pile of work to get off my desk before the Christmas.

2 thoughts on “I’m Beat”

  1. Oh my God! (Que Muelero) Typical Cuban Man
    Se ahogan en un baso de agua. Don’t worry Val
    then comes the party, and it will make you feel better. Para eso esta la familia.! Happy Holidays
    to your and maggie.

  2. Hey Val, just in case you’re checking…

    Love to prepare the lech?n, but since there are no butcher shops here in So. TX, I have to get just a pork ham (pernil de cerdo).

    My supermarket is having trouble getting what I want. So, if they can’t get it for me, I’ll go for the backup – a pork soulder. Much smaller, but it does the job nicely.

    What’s the best adobo you recommend, Val? Figures the one from Cuba is very similiar to the one for PR, but I would like to improve it. Do you recommend more sal or more pimienta? Would more ajos do the job better?

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