Gracias, Jay!

Jay Nordlinger takes on the Che lunacy in today’s Impromtus column over at the National Review Online. He also mentions this humble blog thusly:

I also wish to commend to you, a spearhead of righteous activism.

Thank you, Jay. It’s an honor and a privilege to have you on my side.

If you’re coming here through Jay’s column, welcome. And, if I may offer you one my favorite Cubanisms:

Entre, entre, y tome una silla. (Between, between and drink a chair.) In other words, make yourselves at home.

My pieces on the Che lunacy can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. You can also find an excellent piece on Ernestico “Che” Guevara by Agust?n Bl?zquez, here.

8 thoughts on “Gracias, Jay!”

  1. Congratulations, Val!!!! You are the best!

    Meantime, here is a bit of breaking news from the cowardly eurotrash front, I am so sorry Italy and Great Britain are part of this crew, but the Dutch, the Czechs and the Poles and the Americans are holding firm. These eurotrash once are excluding Cuban dissidents from diplomatic receptions to throw a bone to Barbudo, and are picking the losing side of history. When Castro dies, they will be left holding the cold dead bag while the Czechs, the Dutch, the Poles and the Americans are going to be remembered:

  2. Congrats, but really, “entre y tome una silla” is “come in an grab a chair” not drink one! Bablefish is the worst, especially for a Cuban guy!

  3. OK. I should explain that I take some lisence with my Cubanisms.

    In this case entre y tome una silla can mean come in and take a chair. But, “entre” also means between and “tome” also means drink. Thus, between between and drink a chair is also a valid translation.

    Besides, I was just being a smartass.

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