What’s new at Babal?

Or rather, what will be new at Babal?.

This week I’ll be working on some updating of the blog for this new year. I dont think Ill make too many style changes, I like the look of the blog and, I hope, you all do too. But, I have been remiss in adding alot of fine blogs and bloggers to the blogroll, which I will remedy as soon as possible.

I have also signed up for Google ads, not necessarily to make any money, but, perhaps, just to help cover the monthly costs of running this blog. I will implement those this week, if all goes as planned, and I may go to a three column layout with the ads on one side.

I also will be adding a link and ad for La Caja China because Roberto, the owner, deserves it for sending a caja china to a family in need, free of charge, this past Christmas. Gracias, Roberto.

I’m really excited about Cubanisms this year. I plan to continue posting those delicious nuggets of Cuban sayings, but with a bit of a bonus. This year, I will not only give you the Cubanism and it’s literal translation and meaning, but, I will provide you with an audio clip of the Cubanism. If you think they’re funny in writing, wait til you hear my voice through your speakers in my best Cuban slang. Trust me, you will love it.

Im going to also to my best to answer each and every email and comment that comes in because, well, it’s good manners. Besides, hearing from you all makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile. Except, of course, if you’re a fidel and che loving commie. I have other plans for those.

I also want to have a few more guest posts up this year. Not just another BlogCuba project which I plan to run in a few months, but a few posts from people that I know for sure read this here blog and can offer some insight into the whole Cuba thing. Maybe I can even convince my buddy Ef, the quintessential Cuban music connoiseur, to write up a few Cuban musically related posts. That’s right, Ef, Im calling you out, dude.

And of course, Ill continue to post my sappy little stories that make people cry because, well, those stories are me.

I’ve been considering writing a cookbook – a Cuban cuisine cookbook – using famous family recipes with each incorporated into a short story about my family and Cuba. I will be posting each one of these for your review and comments prior to getting them published.

But here are a few things that will not change an iota in this blog. I will continue to call out the injustices of fidel castro and his regime upon the Cuban people. I will continue to do my best to show the world just what a complete and utter failure his revolution is. I will continue to try to speak for those on the island that arent allowed to. I will continue to never, ever, capitalize the first letters in the name fidel castro. I will continue to write and work and scream at the top of my lungs for a free Cuba.

You hearing me, fidel? Me cagare en tu madre cada dia hasta que al fin llegues al infierno.

11 thoughts on “What’s new at Babal?”

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  2. Sounds great Val. Can’t wait for the recipes, and more on Cuban music would be wonderful. I’ve got my tissue handy for all the tears I know I will be shedding from reading your stories. As for fidel we wait for the bastard to die. Viva Cuba Libre!

  3. Val,

    I cant say you didnt warn me… I humbly accept your call out. Please, just keep in mind that I am not as eloquent a writer as you.

    Efrain aka Ef

  4. Dear Val,
    What a way to start the New Year.
    I just got back to the office from the Christmas break to discover your weblog, through the good offices of a work colleague who is a NR devotee.
    Great stuff, especially for a very nostalgic Cuban at the other end of the world, in beautiful, sunny, free Sydney (yes, it’s true, los cubanos estamos regados por todo el mundo!).
    Loved the Cuban grapes yarn. On the stroke of midnight Down Under we still dsitribute our 12 grapes and encourage everyone to down them ASAP, to the curiosity of our Aussie guests, as you can imagine.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Love the plans man… Pero ademas de escribir un libro de cocina, debes de escribir a dictionary of Cubanisms… y aunque ya existe libros sobre Cubanisms, you can have the only one WITH AUDIO CD AND CUBAN PRONOUNCIATION GUIDE! Think of it, recordings of Cuban Slang done in your voice and sold to millions. Oye asere, it doesn’t get better than that!

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