14 thoughts on “Photo Ops”

  1. Val: Congratulations on the interview! Please let us know when it will be published. I knew you’d make it to the “big time”. Is Kiddo McFiddo also part of the interview?

  2. Val:

    Fantastic, man! Congratulations! You deserve every bit of attention you get. I just hope that when we finally get out there I’ll still be able to touch the hem of whatever garment you wear out there in ManCamp.


  3. Ok Val. Don’t let it go to your head now. Or your legs – lest you scare the small children in Miami. Congratulations. A good man such as you deserves all the attention you are getting.

  4. Congratulations Val, So much good work deserves to be recognized. Proud to sort of know you. Maybe you shouldn’t let them see mancamp though.

  5. I am thrilled! Our newspaper just put Daniel on the front page today. You, Daniel, all the cool people!

    Everybody in the msm is getting in on the act.

  6. What?! Your head’s gonna get too big for ManCamp.

    They should just use the photo of you with you hand on your hip sipping a bear and enjoying the untinmely death of that poor pig.

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