To wit:

Capitalist Country:

? has a lot of money;

? can contribute hundreds of millions of hard, valuable currency–not to mention invaluable equipment and manpower and know-how?to the cause of alleviating the consequences of a natural disaster;

? private corporations, charities and individual citizens can, want to and do contribute millions more;

? leader will shrug off carping of those who are jealous of his country?s power and prosperity and will act, rather than talk.

And it can throw a big, expensive party a month later, as well.

Communist Country:

? can barely clean up after its own disasters;

? since ?corporations? belong to the state, no corporate donations without the consent of the leader;

? has no private charities;

? private citizens have barely enough of their countries near-worthless currency to feed its own children, much less help to keep others from starving;

? leader doesn?t have to shrug of any type of carping because no one expects him to act and he wouldn?t care if they did anyway.

Leader might throw a big, expensive party after his knee heals up.

(emph: mine)

I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

4 thoughts on “Baldilocks”

  1. And communist cultures are so vicious that people don’t or can’t spontaneously donate cash either. Everyone is a proprietary ward of the state. And as such must allow the state to make every decision for him.

    After the dictator’s knee-celebration party of course.

  2. At least the communist leader doesn’t have to shrug off the American democrats carping, since they like him and go fishing with him. Just ask Ted Turner about his fishing buddy.

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