And Someday, Snow

The following cartoon was sent to me by Carlos Eire, the one who penned “Waiting for Snow in Havana”, the book that was sent to me yesterday and that I am about to finish reading. I cant remember the last time I devoured a book so quickly and so earnestly. It is truly a work of art.

I took the liberty of emailing Mr. Eire yesterday and thanking him profusely for such a beautiful and heartwarming memoir. To my surprise, Mr. Eire responded and had some very kind and supportive words about this blog. He also sent me the cartoon and stated:

I attach a small gift de los Reyes Magos, from the New Yorker. Maybe you’ve seen it before? I think Jay Nordlinger would like it.

I was humbled and honored at the same time.


Gracias, Carlos!

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  1. I read Carlos’ book. He moderated an online class which I enjoyed greatly. Loved the book, bought one for my son and one for my cousin in Miami.

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