A Monday Cubanism: “dar muela”

I had wanted to hold off on the Cubanisms until I got the audio posting thing down, but, considering a little problem Im having today, I thought the following Cubanism would be appropriate.

Cubanism: Dar muela.

Literal Translation: Give molar.

Meaning: To dar muela, give molar, is to schmooze. Sweet talk.

Derivitives: Dando muela; muelero. (giving molar; molar giver)

Example: Two guys at a bar. A hot babe walks in. One guy gestures towards the girl with his eyes and says to the other: Tu veras, le voy a dar una tremenda muela a la jeva esa y me la voy a levantar. You’ll see, Im gonna give that babe a major molar and pick her up.

I thought this Cubanism would be appropriate today because I have the granddaddy of all tooth aches. I have a major problem with one of my wisdom teeth and the whole right side of my face hurts. Por muelero que soy.

5 thoughts on “A Monday Cubanism: “dar muela””

  1. Dude! I have this same issue. A couple of years ago, the impacted molar that they told me would never come in inexplicably came down through my gum and invaded my mouth. For a month, I was overwhelmed with sympathy towards my children and their teething pains, that thing hurt like a mo fo.

    I mean, a throbbing ache all through the right side of my face.

    So, I went to the dentist, and he referred me to an oral surgeon who told me they’d have to put me under anesthesia and operate.

    The tooth remains in my mouth. It has flared up twice in the past two years, for about a week each time.

    I gargle really good with salt water and bought a special toothbrush so I can get back there and get the gum clean around it.

    But I am not having that sucker cut out of my mouth. I just can’t do it.

    Hope u feel better soon. Try oil of cloves. You can get it in a good cooking store. It helps numb and cloves are very cleansing.


  2. I went through this years ago.. I was too chicken to get it yanked so I chewed aspirin for about a month. It was fine for about 15 years at which point I had to have it out. So I say suck it up, go in and get it taken care of, and like Steve says, you get great drugs.

  3. I had a co-worker who substituted aspirin, longterm, for dental care. He wound up hospitalized with internal bleeding because of the aspirin.Get it fixed.

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