Real Cuban Food

Good for the soul.

You may remember the Minneapolis “Cuban” restaurant I wrote about last week. The one where the owner proudly displays images of Che and fidel and, to quote the article in the local paper, “where you can get a taste of the owner’s politics” – not to mention his outright and unabashed hypocrisy.

Well, valued reader Raul D., comes through for Babal? once again. He just sent me the following photos from a Cuban restaurant in Rockville, Maryland, with the following note:

Cuban Corner, located in Rockville, Maryland, is the only Cuban restaurant worth patronizing in the DC area. The owner is a true patriot and total Cubanaso, as illustrated by the attached photos of the restaurant?s interior.

What these photos don?t tell you, however, is that when the Washington Post sent a restaurant critic, the owner plainly told him what the pro-Castro rag could do with their review. (The Post had editorialized in favor of returning Elian to the regime.) Of course, they still gave this excellent timbiriche a positive review.

After reading your well-argued criticism of the pro-Castro Cuban restaurant, I thought you could use something to calm your stomach. Aside from being a shrine to and museum of the exile community, Cuban Corner does Castro right, meaning that diners eat under murals depicting Castro and Che, only the word ?MURDERER? is written next to their faces in blood-red lettering. That has to be a first in restaurant design.


And then there’s Che:


The caption states: Luckily, one less.

Cuban Corner in Rockville, Maryland, my kinda place. And they even serve Freedom Fries!!!

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  1. Let’s go to Rockville.

    Message to Victor in Minneapolis: I may just make a special trip to Rockville, Marylant to visit this Cuban restaurant. Hat tip to Val, as usual.

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