Hay visita, port?nce bi?n.

Since I will be pretty much out of it tomorrow in dental hell, I’ve asked A. M. Mora y Leon, from the American Thinker, good friend and fellow blogger, to fill in in my stead.

There’s lot’s of good stuff planned for tomorrow, so dont forget to drop by.

I’ll be busy being in massive pain and slobbering all over myself.

3 thoughts on “Hay visita, port?nce bi?n.”

  1. Hey, Val –

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope it all goes quickly and with a minimal amount of pain. We’ll all miss you!

    Anyway, rest up and get better quick – you don’t want to miss Man Camp! 😉

  2. What a big baby you are. Try giving BIRTH. Then complain about PAIN. Actually – since you’ll be milking it for all its worth (and then some) – have fun being high and being waited on – there aren’t many more surgeries you can have that will get you such pity from the Mrs.

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