Oh, sweet, sweet drugs!

Just got back from the dentist’s office – which as luck would have it is one floor above my office. Looks like I have a wonderful weekend ahead of me without 3 of my wisdom teeth.

Yes, that’s right, those puppies have to come out. Tomorrow. 8 AM.


At least I get some good drugs. And will be able to solicit major sympathy from all those around me, especially the Mrs.

Oh, man, am I gonna milk this.

8 thoughts on “Oh, sweet, sweet drugs!”

  1. ok – Dentist on a friday!!
    That means NO BEER all weekend?
    Wow, that Hurts more than a toothache
    Dios mio, QUE POSTALITA – porecito Val!

  2. YAY! One less mouth to feed at Brandon’s party.
    HAHA, Just kidding!!
    Feel better, and I’ll see you soon.
    Can I call you a chipmunk when I see you?…

  3. Actually, ice cream is a very bad post-wisdom tooth removal food. My husband had all 4 taken out, and it wasn’t fun for either of us. Ice cream was not our friend. Just take those painkillers and have a nice weekend-long nap.

  4. Watch out for the drugs they give you…some of that stuff gives people the idea that wearing a Che shirt is a cool idea.

  5. Pobre! Hey, why didn’t you just have your wisdom teeth pulled out when you were in your late teens or early twenties like all good, clean, moral, God and family loving patriots?

    Man, first they inject you, then they put that little mask over your face. Whew! Awesome! Afterward, the painkillers! Yum!

  6. Go Wish Val Well

    Val at Babalu Blog has had to have his wisdom teeth out.. Take a few minutes today to wish him well, and to meet Mora who is guest blogging for him. Get to feeling better soon my friend. LW…

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