Thanks Val…

Thanks for the intro, Val… I am quite honored you have asked me to be a Guest Blogger as you recuperate.

And on a good day for editorial news. Check out the fireball editorial from today’s Washington Post. It’s the second powerful editorial in a week about something ugly still stirring in our wake.

This problem in our hemisphere is coming from our nation’s longtime friend and trading partner Venezuela, a country so friendly in the past that it was nearly invisible on our news radar. Barely anyone realizes that as recently as 1998, Venezuela was our number one foreign oil supplier. No more – communist management efficiency and ‘work incentives’ have now dropped it to fourth or fifth. But as that’s happened, it’s moved proportionately higher on the Axis-Of-Evil In Waiting scale, a truly shocking development from a country that has always been a friend.

What’s significant about this metamorphosis? Besotted El Barbudo is at the disturbing center of it.

The Post writes:

Mr. Chavez, a disciple of Cuban President Fidel castro, has also accelerated his attempt to reorient Venezuelan foreign policy away from the United States and other democracies. In recent weeks he has visited Iran, Russia, Libya and China, in addition to Cuba.

The Post also lashes out at Bianca Jagger’s icky ex-boyfriend Senator Chris Dodd for mewling that we should ignore Chavez’s Zimbabwe-style land confiscations and think about our oil-importing relationship with Venezuela instead. That’s castro with Oil, Dodd, and don’t try to distract us when what we’ve got is a mounting new menace strangling democracy just 1500 miles from our shores.

UPDATE: The momentum against the Thugs of the Caribbean is building much more strongly than I originally supposed. The WSJ, The Economist, and the Church have also weighed in today on the Chavez and Castro problem.

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  1. Another thing that bothers me is a report in the North Korean press that Kim and fidel have vowed to wage a joint struggle against the U.S.

    Put this together – North Korea has no oil, Cuba has a new, high grade oil find (Christmas Day), Venezuela has plenty of oil – North Korea has nukes to trade.

    I’m beginning to be very worried.

  2. And to add to the worries, the fact that Colombian FARC guerrilla commander Rodrigo Granda was invited (!) to Venezuela to attend a Chavista conference. (Hell, he even had a nice house in Venezuela.)

    Now we’re finally seeing concrete evidence of Chavez’s support for the despicable FARC. Rumors of this connection between Chavez and the FARC had been floating around Venezuela for several years.

  3. Mora! You’re everywhere. Glad to see you guest posting at Babalu.

    I shall, for sake of helplessness otherwise, bang a pot this weekend and pray that more people wake up to the nightmare that is the Bolivarian Revolution.

    Mora, if it’s not too early to speculate, is there any hope that 2006 will be a fair election?

    Peace. –s

  4. Venezuela is a democracy.

    The Bush admin supported and proably paid and coordinated the coup in Venezuela that briefly ousted Chavez.

    This is not about democracy , it is about control
    of Venezuelan oil.

  5. Guest:

    You say Venezuela is a democracy. So was Germany when Hitler was elected Kanzler.

    Venezuela’s constitution and every-six-years-elections indeed make it a democracy, but fraudulent elections, packed courts, gagged media do not.

    There is a half truth about you say of oil control but it is misleading. And that could be also said about the silence of neighbour South American and Caribbean governments silenced by oil subsidies.

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