Not so fast, EU

It is deeply edifying to see real men stand up for liberty against the continental Weasels who would recognize and legitimize the ogrous fidel castro. The latter should be isolated in a cave by Western Civilization and treated like a Cyclops. But he’s not.

Last week, the gutless wonders of Europe decided as a group to diplomatically recognize fidel castro’s Cuba earlier this week. That move gave castro’s agents hundreds of beachheads for eavesdropping, lots of salons for promoting radical chic che worship, and a mountain of newspapers to attempt to influence. The development is sickening and saddening, for it has happened in the great cradle of free civilization, Europe.

But today a ray of light appeared. Some men stood up. Eastern Europe, led by the fearless Martin Palous, a founding member of the Charter 77 democracy movement, thought about who they were and who the Cuban people were, what they stood for, what the eurotrash were doing by recognizing castro and they told the eurotrash ‘basta.’

They know. They were once Cubans, too, living life in ‘la mascara,’ terrified to say what they thought and watching their whole politicized society revolve around one monstrous cult of personality. They knew the militarization, the black boredom and the power of the party card. They knew the food lines and the nomenklatura shops, the ‘blotting paper bureaucrats’ and the grayness of life. They knew the scale of the corruption. They also once knew of eurotrash indifference.

Firsthand. And they said ‘enough.’ It was time to be counted like men. So they stood up for Cuba.

It’s telling who it’s been led by – a man whose name is worth remembering named Martin Palous, the Czech ambassador to the United States. He is tireless in standing up for human rights for Cuba. He’s written magnificent editorials for the Wall Street Journal, and every other publication who will print him. He is a former political dissident in Czechoslovakia and he’s been there. This is something he believes in. He will not forget.

And if he can be the one man to stem the tide of the EU’s careless, thoughtless, benefitless recognition of castro and his evil regime, he will be forever remembered in the annals of Cuba when the inevitable accounting of all that has been done comes.

2 thoughts on “Not so fast, EU”

  1. What do you mean “continental Weasels”? It’s not like they would act in their own self-interest in say, “an oil for food program”, by taking billion$ from a corrupt dictator. Oh wait, they did. Never mind.

  2. Do people notice that European Union sounds an awful lot like Soviet Union? EU is looking more and more like the old USSR as time goes by.

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