My kingdom for a steak

Ive basically had nothing to eat save for cream of whatever soup for the past few days. Right now, I am craving a nice, thick, juicy ribeye steak with some potatoes – french fried – and maybe some bacon on the side.

Or a pan con lechon…Or arroz con pollo…or some fried chicken…or a Cuban sandwich with croquetas…or masitas de puerco and tostones…or a large pizza with the works…or a couple of fritas with those little delicious stringy potatoes…or one of those huge country ham steaks…oh, and ribs! Big, juicy, meat falling off the bone ribs…

Anything that isnt described with the words “cream” and “soup.”

4 thoughts on “My kingdom for a steak”

  1. There is a good recipes book out there “Eat like you want and die like man” may be you find good ideas for a good meal tonight- He! He! He! or dial “Mrs. Prieto 911” I am pretty sure she has good ideas, Ha! Ha! Ha! Are u ready for some Beers?????
    I am glad you feel better, I guess you need to be in good shape this week, (Your Birthday) is around the corner..

  2. A Cuban sandwich…I had my first one in Puerto Rico and my last one a year ago in Miami. God, I miss those, not exactly a staple here in Arizona.

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