I CANFreaken believe it.

What happens when the executive director of your non-profit political lobbying organization steps down in order to campaign against the President in the presidential election?

Why, you get snubbed, of course.

As much as I admire and appreciate the Cuban-American National Foundation, it lost its teeth when Mas Canosa died.

3 thoughts on “I CANFreaken believe it.”

  1. If they were in bed with Kerry, to heck with that. Did they not know that Kerry’s core supporters were Venceremos Brigade types? Embargo lifters? My guess is, they supported Kerry because they wanted first dibs on business deals. Really disgusting and good riddance. Who hired those leftists at that once-august organization? How far they have fallen!

  2. Though getting snubbed really pisses me off. I must ask why commie Castro lovers don’t see this and realize FNCA is not the fabled almightly Cuban Mafia?

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