I cant be civil.

Zombyboy has an excellent post on one Shahid Alam, Northeastern University professor, who basically equated the nineteen 9/11 highjackers to this country’s founding fathers. Everyone should read it. As usual, Zomby responds to Mr. Alam in the civil and dignified manner we have come to expect from him.

I, on the other hand, find it incredibly difficult to remain dignified in the face of such perversion and my response to Mr. Alam cannot be a measured one.

The highjackers were not “freedom fighters” willing to “die — and to kill — for their dream.” They, and the likes of Mr. Alam, were and are nothing but murderous f*cking COWARDS. Undignified, ignoble murderers willing to kill innocents because it was the easy thing to do. They didnt die like men because they didnt fight like men.

F*cking cowards. That’s all they were and that’s how they shall be remembered.
F*cking cowards that chose to kill innocent human beings because they lacked the fortitude to take the fight to those that would fight back.

F*cking cowards.

4 thoughts on “I cant be civil.”

  1. And their apologists are even more cowardly, since they lack the gumption to take any real risk upon themselves. What’s up with these people who admire murderous kamikazes but won’t put their life where their mouths are? Sounds like they’re playing a game of “let’s you and him fight.”

  2. And, the fucking liberal media furthers there cause, glamorizing them much like che. I am so sick of hearing these bastards point of view made legitimate just by giving them a soapbox. Ok, I won’t go off on a rant here but just once I’d like to hear someone like dan rather refer to them as the murderous excrement they are.

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